Dumas Says No To Housing Project

A controversial housing development proposal for Dumas... More than two hundred people showed up to the Dumas City Commission meeting Monday night to speak their mind.

To say the people at this meeting had strong opinions on the housing development would be an understatement. The folks we spoke with are adamantly against this low income rental development proposed for their town. Eva Wackler says she has "713 signatures on these papers - all against this little community of yours." The community she speaking of is this a proposed development of 275 single family rental properties on land purchased by Swift and homes built by a non profit.

The biggest point of contention seemed to be taxes. The developers will pay a portion of the property tax and be exempt from the rest. Wackler asks, "Are you saying that you'll only pay 130-thousand dollars a year? Because that equates to 500 per home and I would love to only pay 500 per home. You should extend that to all residents." Another meeting atendee agrees. "If you are going to be part of the community you need to pay taxes like the community." The place that the residents say will suffer the most from lack of taxes... schools.

Dumas resident Sherie Landers says "the schools will suffer. We are already overcrowded and the schools will be overtaxed. The schools will suffer because they'll have to accommodate all of these new children." We just received word the votes are in and the residents were apparently very convincing... There will not be a low income rental community at this location in Dumas. Two city commissioners voted yes, and two voted no. The Mayor broke the tie and went with the people, denying the right for this property to be built.