State Senate Committee Comes to Amarillo

State Senator Kip Averitt, (R) Waco
State Senator Kip Averitt, (R) Waco
State Senator Kel Seliger, (R) Amarillo
State Senator Kel Seliger, (R) Amarillo

Groundwater conservation and other water issues have brought members of the powerful Natural Resources Committee to the Panhandle.

This committee has already visited several different areas of the state to learn more about each regions natural resources.

Today and tomorrow, they'll be learning an awful lot about water in hopes of helping the Panhandle for generations to come.

"We need the committee to understand the issues here so we can be helpful back in Austin about how to help with the management process and financing and things like that," said State Senator Kip Averitt, (R) Waco.

Water use is becoming a more important issue in Texas because of growing necessity and the struggle for conservation.

Chairman Averitt says the committee's trip to Amarillo is important because the Panhandle is a leader in groundwater development.

"We're going to talk about issues of groundwater conservation districts and groundwater management areas. So people realize what the regulatory frame work is to see to it that we conserve areas a a strategy that's no more important than here in the panhandle," said Amarillo State Senator Kel Seliger.

The State Senators say the Panhandle is home to the best water conservation districts and learning from them is important because these Senators want to ensure water for the future.

"Managing that for future generation begins with us and it's our responsibility for how those future generations are going to have water," Senator Averitt said.

The Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources will meet in Amarillo tomorrow to discuss interim charges related to groundwater management, reuse and conservation.

Senate Committee on Natural Resources

What: Hearing to discuss interim charges
When: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 10:00 am
Where: Region 16 Education Service Center - Head Start Center, Conference Center, 1601 S. Cleveland, Amarillo, TX 79102