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Several People are Choosing to Leave Retirement and Start Working Again

Help wanted.

You've probably seen the signs all over town for businesses and restaurants in search of employees.

Well lately their's one generation in particular filling some of those positions.

Amarillo's unemployment rate is far below the national average.

One possible reason why? Because some people are coming out of retirement and starting another career to help pay for the increasing cost of living.

"More of the older people have come out and started getting second jobs. Coming out and having a second job or after they retire they just need another job," said Danielle Baeza, A manager for Wonderland Park.

One former retiree involved in that increase is Sharon McQuay, who has gone back to work for the past two summers in order to support herself and her two grandchildren.

" I needed extra money to help them and for some fun money for me," McQuay said. 

McQuay says she thinks more people from her generation will return to the workforce soon.

"With the way the prices have gone up for gasoline, and groceries. I see people heading out and looking for a second income. Above their retirement," she said.

But it's not all about money, wonderland says they need the older employees to fill in especially as the academic year creeps closer.

"Right now we need the older generations right now since the younger ones are heading back and going to school or to college. So right now we do kind of depend on the older ones."

McQuay tells us, she thinks more people aren't coming out of retirement because they don't know the opportunities that are available.

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