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Stay Fit After 40

Trying to stay fit in your forties and on can be a frustrating challenge.  As our body ages it does not respond the same way to exercise and diets.  So this fall Gold's Gym is starting a new program called "Fit After 40".

Each week a support group will meet where members will discuss their diet and exercise routines and also get expert advice.

As Oscar Gamboa gets closer to forty he says he realized he needed to get back in the gym.

"You know you wake up one morning and decide you're not gonna go," he says,"And suddenly it turns into three months, and all of a sudden it turns into 5 months and its a year and pretty soon you have go buy new jeans because stuff don't fit."

Gamboa says the "Fit After 40" program will be beneficial because he notices as his body ages it's more difficult to do the things he likes to do.

"Something as simple as you know just walking around the block, you know before you're 21 it seems like its no big deal but once your body starts catching up with your age then it's just hard to get back in," says Gamboa.

A gym trainer says the program will allow people to create the muscle they need to burn fat and stay lean but she says participants should not expect to perform the way they did decades ago.

Karie Mueller says, "Working out and getting muscle back is going to make them feel 50% better so there's still that other 50% of aging that you really can't change. But the 50% that we can is almost like the fountain of youth, so they won't be able to go back to what they were when they were 20 years old but they will feel so much better and they will be able to do so many more things. "

The government recommends working out six days a week but Mueller says that exercise does not always have to been in the gym, hiking, biking, and even walking are great ways to stay in shape.

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