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ADHD and Summer Camp Debate

Giving kids a vacation from their medication during the summer is a good way for parents to see if they still need to take it.

Two-point-five million U.S. kids are taking medication for ADHD.

Physicians recommend that parents take their children off the medication occasionally because the medications can delay growth.

But a local YMCA CEO Debbie Wright says parents should be up front with camp counselors about their child's condition before they send them off to camp.

"Occasionally we notice a huge difference in a child's behavior and when we talk to the parent they come back and say oh well we forgot to buy his medication or we didn't give it to him today."

Wright says there is a noticeable change in behavior for some campers.

"We had a child that when he was on the medicine he would blend in with the class, he got along with the kids, he was really a pleasure to be around and then when they were trying to take him off the medicine he would fight with other children, nothing made him happy. And so there is a big difference with some children," she says.  

One local mom has three daughters with adhd and she says she regularly gives them a medication holiday to see if they can function on their own without the medication.

"I don't like medication," says Tammy Burum, "I don't like the fact that they have to be on drugs to be able to function in society. But even behavior wise we see a big difference there when they're on their medication versus when they are not."

Physicians recommend parents put their children back on their medication at least a week before school begins to make sure they can focus on learning.

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