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Memphis Burglary Miscommunication

Memphis Resident George Becci Memphis Resident George Becci

There's an outcry from residents of a small Panhandle town, after a string of robberies. The Memphis residents we spoke to say the situation has gotten so bad that one of them actually took out an ad in the newspaper.

It's pleading with the community to help solve these robberies because residents say police aren't taking action. One of the most recent robbery victims is longtime Memphis resident George Becci. "My back house was robbed. My store was robbed. My neighbors house was robbed. The Dairy Queen up the street was robbed. Another house across the way was robbed and all of their furniture was taken."

All of this happened over a period of four days. Becci says he's concerned with the lack of police effort in solving these crimes. "The police aren't visible except for on the highway when they're writing tickets." The man who placed the newspaper ad told me the police actually told him they were too busy writing speeding tickets to worry about robberies. As for the police reaction... Chief Bob Nownin says the community is interpreting their lack of action as laziness, when in reality it's due to a lack of evidence. He says they're doing all they can, but there's very little to work with.

The Memphis Police Department is a very small one... With only one patrolman on duty during the day and one at night.

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