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Randall County/Osage Fire Dept. Is Shutdown

Emergency fire crews are no longer stationed at the Randall County /Osage Fire Departments. 

This evening the fire trucks will not be moving because the station is no longer in operation.

Instead, the Amarillo Fire Department is taking all calls for service in Rural Randall County North of the McCormick Road. 

Randall County Judge Ernie Houdashell says citizens should not be worried because AFD is prepared to cover the area.

He says, "They've got extra crews training now for extra equipment coming in later on. I think they've got two new fire crews training. And so actually I'm sure these guys will do some of this work. I mean the City of Amarillo is really well organized and I've been amazed at how professional they are and how organized they are. "

Judge Houdashell says the county and the non-profit Osage Fire Department could not agree to continue to operate under the current contract so it was not renewed.

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