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Caffeine Overload

David Maxwell David Maxwell
Dietitian Tim Cunningham Dietitian Tim Cunningham

A caffeine overload is being felt by residents across the country... As more products begin to contain caffeine under other names.

Some doctors say excessive amounts of caffeine cause headaches, nausea, organ problems and more.

David Maxwell says, "I did have a stroke in march and the doctor told me to cut back on the caffeine. And I did."

Cutting back for Maxwell is now consuming about 1600 milligrams of caffeine a day.

Just 300 milligrams of caffeine a day is considered excessive... That's about one twelve ounce cup of coffee and a 12 ounce soda.

Most of the time consumers don't know they are having that much because it is masked as other ingredients.

Dietitian Tim Cunningham says, "Its the yerba mataes the guaranas, the kola nuts that the average consumer doesn't realize is just another name for caffeine that is giving them that extra bolt. Some of these things are pretty strong sources of caffeine, significantly higher than what you would see in a cup or tea or a cup of coffee."

You may have an idea of some products that have caffeine in them like coffee or sodas or energy drinks, but there are some things that could surprise you like, candy bars, pain medication, and body wash and shampoo... That's right some of those products can also contain caffeine.

Keep in mind quantity size... Because caffeine listed on the back may be based on eight ounces when you are drinking 16.

Cunningham says, "You would do well if you could keep your caffeine content down to 100 milligrams a day."

Cunningham says do not try and stop cold turkey but ween slowly... And watch what ingredients are really in your food.


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