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Amarillo Teacher Recruitment

Daniel Coward, A.I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent of Personal Daniel Coward, A.I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent of Personal

Teachers looking for jobs this coming school year may already be too late. More school districts are relying on technology to recruit teachers, which are filling up positions way before the school year even starts.

School is just a month away, but the Amarillo Independent School District has already received thousands of applications preparing for the new school year. They receive an average of 600 to 1400 applications for teacher positions each school year.

A.I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent of Personal, Daniel Coward, says all school districts feel a pinch when it comes to filling specialized areas. "Math and science is nothing new. It's typically the area where we have the most shortages. Bilingual, special-ed and foreign languages can be a problem," Coward said.

Those positions require more preparation for the classroom and the district is not compromising it's requirements. "They're significant (requirements) in regards to the terms they have to met... College and preparation. And all demonstrates some proficiencies," Coward explains.

Open spots are quickly being filled with online recruitment, helping the district receive even more qualified applications. Coward says, "We market on the web we have employment page and people can see our needs at any given time".

Even staff members get involved in the recruitment process. Coward says, the district trys to include school staff affected by the hiring. "Our principals are all involved. In terms of selection of teachers and teams of teachers will be apart of that process as well," he said.

A process that can take months in advance of the upcoming school year.


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