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Protect Your Home From Intruders

You've locked your doors, you've shut the windows but that may not be enough to keep an intruder from entering your home.

As we conclude "Inside the Mind of a Criminal" we'll show you step by step what you need to do to secure a home without having to pay for security cameras or a security guard.

The front door is the number one place burglars will try to enter.

So the first thing homeowners need to do is buy a solid door and install a good dead bolt or "throw." APD's Corporal Jerry Neufeld says, "So we want that full one-inch throw and we want to make sure it locks in place. If you can push it like this and try to push it back in and it doesn't go then it's quality, it's good and it'll probably be fine. "

Corporal Neufeld says secure are strike plates are needed for your dead bolt to be effective.

"Like I said, depending on the dead bolt, depending on the strike plate I can kick in that door probably with one kick," says Neufeld, "It's gonna be a matter of opening up that screen door and kicking it to get inside. I shut it behind me, a car drives by ten seconds later, they are never going to see what happened."

Windows need to have locks and Neufeld says they should be different kinds.

"A lot of people say well I've got this lock but I've got two of those, well it's still the same type of lock. That means if I break this window and I unlock it here and I unlock it there then I can get in. So let's make them work a little bit extra long because again, if they get to a minute we're good because they've gone on to somewhere else," he says.

Here's a look at more ways to secure your home. Keep your bushes low to give neighbors a good view of the entrances to your home. Keep your fence high to prevent someone from easily hopping over. Never leave your garage door open or cracked. Even a little space may be enough for someone to enter.

And lastly, install a security system. Many are only $30 a month and provide emergency services.

You may also receive a home insurance rate reduction if you meet a list of safety measures so check with your agent.

And if you would like a free home security inspection call the APD to make an appointment.

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