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Foster Shelters Crowded

The rising cost of everything from food to gasoline is causing many families to cut back on spending, and it's hitting foster families especially hard. It's hitting some so hard they're choosing not to be foster parents anymore... leaving hundreds of kids without these temporary homes.

For these children, the state has set up emergency shelters around Amarillo, says Hope For Tomorrow child placement specialist Kati Hill. "There's PAC, Catholic Family Services, plenty of options for these kids. They will have a place to stay." The lack of foster parents in our area is putting stress on these shelters. "Every foster family only has a certain among of kids they can legally house. There's an excessive amount of kids who don't have a home and these places are becoming increasingly populated."

If you would like to become a foster parent, you can contact the hope for tomorrow child placement agency. Their number is 331-5133.

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