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Too Many Kids, Too Few Foster Homes

Kati Hill, Hope for Tomorrow Kati Hill, Hope for Tomorrow

A poor housing market, high unemployment rates, expensive gasoline and groceries... All stem from a struggling economy.

But there's another industry that's suffering too... One that directly affects children in our area. With today's economy, for many families, it's hard enough making ends meet with their own children...but add in foster children and it's nearly impossible. That's exactly why fewer and fewer parents are welcoming foster children into their homes.

Kati Hill at the Hope for Tomorrow agency says "there are definitely more kids than parents wanting to take them in. It's a large financial burden to be a foster parent." On average, when the economy is going strong, the Hope for Tomorrow child placement agency finds homes for around two to three hundred children a year. Hill couldn't give us exact numbers, but says this year they've placed fewer than in years past.

Foster parents are monetarily compensated for each child they take in, but more often than not, Hill says the cost of raising the child exceeds their stipend.

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