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Foster Parents on the Decline

Wayne and Isabell Thompson Wayne and Isabell Thompson
Gale Barber Gale Barber

Too many children and not enough foster parents to take them in. It's a growing problem in the panhandle...stemming from a struggling economy. It's a simple matter of dollars and cents...

The more children you have in your home, the more it will cost you. Two foster families we spoke with today say there's no doubt it's expensive, but they don't let money issues stop them from helping the kids. Wayne and Isabell Thompson have been foster parents for the past six years and in that time they've fostered between twenty and thirty kids.

Last November, they adopted Cassie, Mark and Daniel, but just because they have children of their own, doesn't mean they're closing their doors, despite the high cost. Isabell says she "used to be able to go to Wal-Mart and pick up groceries and a toy. Now I can only get groceries because my bills have doubled." They're making other sacrifices too. Isabell now works full time. Between school supplies, toys and clothes, things can get expensive, but Gale Barber finds ways to ease the burden. "We pass clothes. There are kids who are smaller than mine who need the clothes."

The Thompsons say they are foster parents for one reason.... The kids. "It's a calling from God. These kids just need some love." The Thompsons are definitely answering that calling. They are expecting foster kids tonight... They'll add two little girls to their family. If the Thompson's story inspires you to become a foster parent, you can call the Hope for Tomorrow agency at 806-331-5133.

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