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Online Books Best Buy?

Adam Noibel, Student Adam Noibel, Student
Terry Nepper, West Texas A & M University Book Store Manager Terry Nepper, West Texas A & M University Book Store Manager

Soaring textbook prices are making it difficult for college students to buy the books needed for class, forcing them to look for alternatives online.

More and more students are buying college books from e-books, online book rentals or sharing with other students, causing problems for some when they get to class. Student Adam Noibel,  "The chemistry book he bought online was the wrong book they sent him the wrong one... Was late and didn't have the book for class," he said.

With a new semester just a few weeks away... 35% of college students will go online to get their books. Noibel does, "It seems alot easier to get books that way instead of going to the bookstore."

Cash strapped college students are looking for alternatives of paying high prices. What may be the easiest and cheapest isn't always the best.

West Texas A & M University book store manager Terry Nepper cautions students. "I have no problem with them searching online. Make sure they have or receive what they get, he said."

Some problems online services have are illegal book downloads, or international copies that students are not allowed to sell back.

Nepper says there are problems behind buying books online. "It can cause some problems. They ship the wrong book, where you get the wrong book, " Nepper said.

Book store mangers say a students best bet is to stick with college bookstores.  "When students go on line they're not a hundred percent sure they will get if they buy book a they get book. I stand behind my books a 100%, " Nepper proclaims.

Something most online book sales don't guarantee... The right book for the right class.

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