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Water Wasters is Working!!, 7-29-08

Making every drop count is still an issue in the Panhandle, despite the close to three inches of rain some places saw last night.

NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos is on assignment: 

Two stores... One problem. Tonight Water Wasters tackles two broken sprinklers on opposite sides of town...each one shooting up like a geyser. My Tuesday morning phone calls once again prompted by photos from viewers like you. The Blockbuster manager spoke to me about this... You have a sprinkler in your yard that is shooting several feet up into the air. Blockbuster doesn't own the land...they lease it from a realty company, and this isn't the first time they've contacted the company about the sprinkler. The manager thought it had been fixed last week, but this photo from a viewer says otherwise. "It was just taken last night. I was just emailed it yesterday." The manager says thanks to the viewer who alerted them to the issue and says the sprinkler will be fixed in the next few days.

For the next water waster, we'll travel down the road to canyon... To O-Reilly auto parts. I asked them if they already knew about the problem. Their answer.... yes. They said people run over the sprinkler head all the time with their cars and it's a reoccurring issue. It will be fixed very soon. We've been doing Water Wasters every Tuesday for almost two months now...and as you can see, its still going strong. That's all thanks to viewers who send in photos. Please keep them coming and together we'll help keep water from being wasted. Email me at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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