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Lake Meredith - Who's REALLY to Blame?

Why shouldn't we put the blame where it should go. The lake is
drying up because New Mexico would rather be fined and use the water the
way they think is best than to let it go into the riverbed.

Donnie Cooley
Stinnett, TX

Why are we not talking about the lake levels in NM? They are
full and not letting water out. With NM holding water back and our
horrible water management here it is not a suprise we are running out of
water. Why not close that river from recreation, and do a little work to
help the water that does get in the river to reach the lake. You think it
is expensive to drill wells and do dirt work to help the lake, wait till
we run out of water and have to pay someone else for it.

Cameron Thiem
Panhandle, TX

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