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Bail Jumper: Pete Torres

Peter Joseph Torres Peter Joseph Torres
Maxx Green, BailMaxx Maxx Green, BailMaxx

More and more people are jumping bail in Amarillo overloading local bond agencies.

Bond agencies save taxpayers and the county thousands of dollars taking a risk, bailing people out of jail.  

When they don't show up for court, that burden is back on the community forcing agents to take action. When they don't show up for court that dollar amount continues to rise the longer the person avoids the bond agents and the court

Bond agents spend hours tracking people who skip bail. Some times they are never found which leaves suspects of rape, assault and drugs on our streets.

Bond Agents at BailMaxx are looking for Pete Joseph Torres who has a long list of aliases. "Peter Joseph Torres goes by Big Pete, Boo Boo, Tony Madera, athe most recent is Elisio Saucedo," Bond Agent Maxx Green says describing Torres. He has been out on bond for close to a year.

Torres is wanted on several charges. "D.W.I., assault, burglary. Those are the charges I know of, " Green said. Bond agents say Torres has a pacemaker and may be spotted at several medical facilities. "It's likely that some of the viewers see him at a pharmacy or doctors office. Although he's had other people doing that for him so far." Green describing Torres' medical condition.

Bond agents say bail jumpers can only run for so long and Pete Torres is no exception. "I call him a coward because he won't face his charges. He's been accused of something he had his chance tog to court he left to me that's a coward, " Green said.

Green advises that until he's caught the community should be cautious because he says Torres has nothing to lose. "He's been to prison before he knows what it's like he's got a 20 year sentence so he doesn't wan to be arrested. So I would say he's probably dangerous," Green said.

They believe Torres may be in Clovis, New Mexico. BailMaxx is offering a $1000 reward for any one with information on Pete Torres.  You can Call BailMaxx at 351-0100 and remain anonymous.

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