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Houston Physicist Claims Granite is Dangerous to Your Health

Amanda Davis, Marble Depot, Inc. Amanda Davis, Marble Depot, Inc.
Bill Dodgin, Radon Expert Bill Dodgin, Radon Expert

There's a dangerous gas your counter top may be emitting.

One Houston scientist makes that claim after he found chemicals dangerous to humans in granite.

Granite has always contained some unknown amounts of uranium, which in it's gas state is called radon.

And despite this claim that granite contains amounts high enough to harm humans, one local radon expert says there's worse radon dangers in your house.

A recent announcement by one scientist has led the granite community to stand-up for it's product.

Many granite shops in town are reiterating granite is safe because concerned customers have called to check in.

"After it's installed I wouldn't think it would be an issue," said Amanda Davis the spokeswoman for Marble Depot, Inc.

Radon gas is emitted from most soil but it may not be as major an issue as this one report says.

"In my opinion it's not a big problem. It's something we need to look at and see what scientist find but in my opinion it's not a major issue," says Amarillo Radon expert Bill Dodgin.

Outside of your kitchen counter top, bill dodgin says there's a moreserious radon source under your house lurking in basements and foundations.

"It's a very dangerous situation if we have it in our house. The problem is you can't see it or smell it or taste it and you don't know it's there until you test it," said Dodgin. 

Dodgin says he's usually called to test a home only when it's up for sale.

But he urges, radon is a problem in most of the area because of high levels of uranium in the soil.

He recommends everyone have their house tested.

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