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Life Jacket Safety

Marta Brown, Panhandle Search and Rescue Marta Brown, Panhandle Search and Rescue

Three drownings at area lakes in the past two weeks... So many deaths in such a short period of time have many of you are taking extra steps to make sure they stay safe while boating.

But, you may not be doing enough. For those concerned about drowning on the lake, life jackets seem like the perfect answer. And they are... As long as they fit properly. If your jacket does not, it can slide right off. Making sure the jacket you have on is the right one for you only takes a few minutes, says Panhandle Search and Rescue Leader Marta Brown, "you never want it to slide up. It should fit snug across the chest. You want to have a jacket that fits the same on land as it does in the water."

Brown also says even experienced swimmers should wear life jackets when boating, because you never know when an accident will happen. And for kids.... Swim lessons are not enough. If your kids are younger than twelve, they should always have a life jacket on.

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  • Stay Safe at the Lake

    Stay Safe at the Lake

    Tuesday, July 29 2008 1:47 AM EDT2008-07-29 05:47:20 GMT
    We're still awaiting autopsy results on the drowning victim at Lake Greenbelt over the weekend. We do know that the victim was a twenty year old male. He is the third drowning death...
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