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What It Takes: Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 2

Cadet Gutierrez Cadet Gutierrez
Cadet Palacios Cadet Palacios
Cadet Tollerson Cadet Tollerson

Hundreds try out... But just a little more than a dozen will make it.

In tonights "What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" we take a look at what it costs you for cadets who throw in the towel.

Long days... And information packed hours.. Most of their day is spent in the classroom.

And that costs.. In instructors... Gear.. And time.

The cost increases as the weeks go on and more resources are spent on them.

Sgt. Strecia McCaig with APD says, "Obviously it depends on in what part of the process they do that. Lets say they are out on their own as a field officer, as a patrol officer and they quit between that first year. We are probably looking at, I'm going to say ballpark, we are looking at 40 between 40-45 thousand dollars we have invested in that officer."

We started with 200, now just 26 are left... And not all of those are expected to make it.

And some admit that they have already had to overcome challenges.

Cadet Gutierrez says, "Something that I have to get back into is the studying. I'm taking that day by day. It's a challenge, but that is what I am up for."

"It's very challenging a lot of time and managing your time effectively to get everything done. I think I am handling everything pretty well, I'm still here." Cadet Palacios says.

"I think that everyday you have to show up physically and mentally prepared for the day. Physically the PT is tough, mentally you have to study and be prepared take test daily." Cadet Tollerson says.

The weeks will only get harder. As cadets are expected to learn to fire a weapon, use a taser, or take down a suspect with their bare hands.

We will be there through it all... And so will you.

Sit in and hear what instructors are teaching these cadets.

That's next week on our exclusive series... What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy.

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