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Guymon Water in "Serious" Situation

The water situation in one Oklahoma Panhandle city has become more severe than before.

Officials in Guymon say their water issues are serious and they've asked the residents to help conserve.

Guymon imposed an Emergency Water Usage Proclamation six weeks ago, but earlier this week, a broken well caused a bad situation to become worse.

"We basically lost 250,000 gallons a day and we're projecting 10 days maybe 2 weeks we'll be out," said Ivan Clark, the Guymon Public Works Director.

After already having stiff watering guidelines the Guymon drinking water system suffered another blow when one of the major wells broke.

And the unsettled situation has officials hoping residents will conserve and not force the city into a critical zone.

"We could have some real issues as far as keeping our storage tanks full. If they drop to a certain level then bells and whistles go off on them. We start pumping some air into the infrastructure and it comes out the faucet," said Clark.

The city hired a new code enforcement officer to make sure residents are abiding by the laws the city council has put in place.

If you waste water, the police or the code enforcement officer will let you know about it.

First with a warning, but the second violation carries a hefty fine.

"The second time you get caught it would be a citation. The fine is up to 200 dollars per violation," said John Shaffer, the code enforcement officer.

The warnings have worked so far. Because first time violators don't know they're doing it.

"For the most part nobody's doing it intentionally either they're not paying attention to what day it is or what time it is so we're just kind of reminding them. Then they usually shut their water right off when I went to their house," said Shaffer who says there have only been two fines handed out by the police so far.

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