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File Sharing Programs Sharing Too Much

Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du

You may be searching for the latest radio hit, when all of the sudden you have sensitive information in front of you..

Or visa versa - and your personal information can be on someone's computer screen.

File sharing programs like Limewire, Kazaa, or Morpheus are known as a source for swapping music with other internet users..

But you could be swapping more and not know it.

File sharing programs do just that.. And if you have a file with sensitive information in it.. Others can get it.

So here is how it works, lets say you have a file on your computer named Alex. Well anyone else that is connected to this program they can search any type of file, music or otherwise, and just put Alex or some type of artist, they may not be looking for your personal information but their computer will pop up your document and that means they just struck gold.

Here is how you can protect yourself.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says "It is possible to set up the program so that it only shares out a certain folder, but again that folder is shared out to the world and if someone inadvertently puts something sensitive in it, then it opens it right back up again."

Wilson says you can encrypt your file names to be extremely unique... But there is still a chance someone can get your information.

He says the best way to protect yourself... Un-install the programs.

It's not just at home that you should be worried, but at work too.

Just recently thousands of social security numbers were leaked at a company through limewire.

If you have more questions contact Cat-Man-Du in Amarillo, Canyon or Dumas at 350-TECH.

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