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"Unacceptable" Schools To Get Break in Ratings

Dr. Rod Schroder, AISD Superintendent Dr. Rod Schroder, AISD Superintendent
Laurie Cizon, Canyon ISD Laurie Cizon, Canyon ISD

Some schools that would be deemed academically unacceptable will get a break from the state this year. The State Education Commissioner decided to excuse the schools and it all has to do with completion rates.

Many schools with rates below the required 75% will not be slapped with the dreaded "unacceptable" rating...not this year, anyway.

Under the old state standard, a school's number of graduates, continuing students, and students who received a G.E.D. in a school year were added up to equal the completion rate.

Now, under a federal standard the state has adopted, the g-e-d students are taken out of the equation. AISD Superintendent Dr. Rod Schroder says this is a waiver until schools have time to adjust to the new standard.

Based on preliminary numbers, Tascosa and Palo Duro high schools have completion rates below 75%, but this year they are safe.

Dr. Schroder says all campuses are working on the completion rates, it's an effort by all schools to get their rates up.

Another area district with acceptable completion rates says this waiver seems fair. Laurie Cizon with Canyon ISD says giving schools on more year to test strategies doesn't seem out of line to them.

School ratings will be released August 1.

If a school is academically unacceptable, a team from the state would go in to monitor schools...

Something Schroder says puts pressure on both administrators and teachers.

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