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Sheriff Candidates React to Changes

Republican Candidate Brian Thomas Republican Candidate Brian Thomas
Democratic Candidate Robert Taylor Democratic Candidate Robert Taylor

Tonight we hear from the Potter County Sheriff's candidates about changes being made by the current interim Sheriff... And whether or not they agree.

First we addressed accusations by some that certain commissioners are behind decisions in the Sheriff's office.

Candidate Robert Taylor made the point that not all commissioner are returning.

Democratic Candidate Robert Taylor says, "It has the implications that it is being operated by the commissioners court. So there is going to be at least one new blood there, on the commissioners court.. It kind of looks that way but is it that way. In talking with Boyter, when I met with him, he appears to be his own man, making his own decisions."

Republican Candidate Brian Thomas says, "With the visit that I had with Sheriff Boyter, I do believe that he is relying on some of those good people to help him along the way."

A second controversial issue is the appointment of Clay Duke to Chief Deputy... After Duke had already lost his bid for sheriff in the primary.

Thomas says, "When that first happened I felt like it was a slap at me. I thought it was a personal attack to me more than anything. I agree with the part of Sheriff Boyter saying that he felt like this person had worked there and might have good experience, so I can kind of see that side. But the flip side of that coin is that the voters have already said no, they didn't want him in there, they didn't vote for him."

Taylor says, "Without going to the candidates and appointing someone who is running for office, I thought that was a good decision to appoint an outside person instead of going to the candidates and giving him an upper hand in the elections."

We asked him, if it had been somebody who had been running against you and lost how would you feel.

He responded, "He is second in command, he is the Chief Deputy and whoever gets in may not like that."

Both candidates agree that every change made now will be reviewed if they take office.. And that no current decision is necessarily final.

Robert Taylor says any promotion made by an iterim Sheriff could be changed when new leadership enters the county. And that personnel in the department should know that they may have a better use in other segments once a new leader is announced.

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