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Hotel Rooms Being Used as Meth Labs

Imagine checking into a hotel room, only to breathe in poisonous gases when you walk through the door. Local law enforcement says meth labs in hotel rooms are popping up again, leaving behind dangerous chemicals.

Just last week we reported a meth lab bust in a Covis hotel room. The remnants of those labs can be harmful to those staying in the rooms. One narcotics officer says the mixture of the chemicals can be explosive and that it is very dangerous.

When you check into a hotel room, if it was previously a meth lab you probably can smell it.

Also, feeling physically ill just from breathing in the room could be a sign it was used to cook meth. The officer says cleaning up a meth lab is very tedious and costly...costly to you, the taxpayer. The officer says the clean-up costs county taxpayers thousands of dollars.

He also says meth labs can pop up in any type of hotel, whether it be a five star establishment or grungy, low end place.

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