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"Staycations" Boost Box Office Sales

Nick Gerlich, WTAMU Nick Gerlich, WTAMU

The economy is pushing more people to stay put during the summer months instead of venturing out on the road.

People are taking more "staycations".  A term to describe a vacation that is spent close to home enjoying local environment and life.

With gas prices soaring and the economy dwindling, many people are choosing local recreational activities, such as hiking, spas and the biggest quick getaway... Movies.

Local professor Nick Gerlich says he would even opt for a local vacation. "It's the staycation effect with 4-dollar gas. It has forced people the rethink they're vacation plans,"Gerlich said. 

Movie Goer Shannon Byum says his quick escape is the movie theater because money is tight. Byum's theory for the trend, "When the economy is up people have more money. When it's down we really have no way to go anywhere".

With no where to go people are headed indoors to the theater in record numbers, which is sending a boost to box office sales. Pushing ticket sales up 3% from last summer.

"Going to movie theaters is kind of an affordable luxury. Even if it's 8 or 10 bucks a ticket. It sure beats spending 400-dollars on gas," Gerlich explains.

Movie ticket prices may seem a bit high, but it's a small price to pay for a quick, cheap and easy escape, while the economy isn't so great.  "It's a get away from my everyday life work, home . If I want to get a away I go to the movies," Byum explaining why he goes to the movie theaters so much.

"It's something people can do to break away from the frustration to not go on a traditional family vacation," Gerlich explaining why more people are taking staycations.

Family man Jimmy Garcia says he would like to go on vacation but will take what he can get at the best cost.  "I'd rather be at the movies, but it's nice to travel, but with the way the economy is it's kind of hard," he said.

Ticket sales nationwide are up 6% across the country. Economists say ticket sales normally go up when the economy is down. They say it is similar to the depression because entertainment was limited for folks during that time period as well.


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