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"Cheese" Heroin Alert for Youth

Joint Alliance for Students Joint Alliance for Students
JAS Founder Stan Scofield JAS Founder Stan Scofield

A potentially deadly new drug that looks like parmesan cheese is a focus of an Amarillo youth drug and alcohol prevention organization.

Teenagers in the Joint Alliance for Students say their peers need to be educated about the drug called "cheese." They say Amarillo youth are more vulnerable to trying new drugs because drug abuse is already a problem in our area.

If they do not educate their peers now when "Cheese" has not reached the area they feel it may be too late to prevent one of their peers from dying of an overdose. It's a mix of heroin and cold medication that costs about two dollars and teens are worried it will hit the Panhandle any day now.

JAS member Jasmon Fish says, "Technically we're racing the drugs. We want to get there before you do. So if we get there and say hey this is what it looks like this is what it does..."

Group member Monique Betancourt says like most of her friends she had no idea what cheese was until she joined the group.

She says,"Yeah, they have no idea. I was talking to some friends yesterday about it and they had no idea. I was also talking to their parents adn they had no idea. "

JAS Founder Stan Scofield says the meth epidemic is a good example of how quickly drugs can spread. 

"Meth started in Oregon in just a few rural communities," he says, "And because it was ignored it went across this country like a wildfire and before anyone was able to get a hold of it, it was a wildfire out of control. So we have to be prepared for things like this. "

This fall JAS is joining with the YMCA to provide drug and alcohol education to Amarillo youth and they say "Cheese" will be a hot topic.

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