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T. Boone Pickens on Capitol Hill

A leading oilman from Texas was on Capitol Hill Tuesday (07/22) urging Congress to clear the way for more domestic energy production. But T. Boone Pickens wasn't talking about drilling for oil; he was touting his plan to boost the use of wind power and natural gas as an alternative source of energy. Pickens has used television advertisements to call attention to his plan that would build giant wind farms in areas throughout the Midwest. That he said would not only take advantage of a renewable resource, but it these wind farms could be constructed relatively quickly.

"If the government wanted to build a grid, I mean, do it. But if they don't want to do it, I think the money is there to do it private, and so it's kind of like either do it or get out of the way, but give us the corridors to put it in and it'll be done. You could do this on a very, very fast track if you wanted it to be on," Pickens said

Pickens' testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee comes in the wake of sky-high oil prices that have many calling for the country to cut its dependence on foreign oil. In fact Pickens said development of wind power plants and other forms alternative energy is significantly cheaper than paying billions of dollars to foreign nations for their oil.

"When you look at $700 billion dollars going out of country every year for purchase of oil, a $15 billion dollar PTC is somewhat insignificant."

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