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Water Wasters is Working!!, 7-22-08

AISD Communications Director Holly Shelton AISD Communications Director Holly Shelton

Amarillo residents are doing a great job of keeping water usage to a minimum. Despite being twenty five million gallons a day below disastrous levels, water wasting is still an issue around town. Newschannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos is on assignment for this week's Water Wasters...

This week we look at a local school district and a gas station. Water Waster number one... Toot N' Totum on the corner of Amarillo Boulevard and Tascosa Road. I called them and "asked if [they] are aware of the issue and taking steps to solve it." They called me back fifteen minutes later to say the sprinkler is off and won't be on until it's fixed...which should be sometime on Wednesday.

Next up.... The practice field at Caprock High had a broken sprinkler head. Had being the key word... It's all fixed now. The viewer who sent in the email wasn't the only one who noticed the problem. AISD Communications Director Holly Shelton says "a staff member actually spotted the sprinkler last week and addressed the concern." Shelton says the sheer size of Amarillo ISD's land makes it hard to keep track of all the sprinklers. "We have around 56 campuses and almost 350 acres in this community." But they're doing their part to save water, especially over the last two years. "We've cut our water usage by 30 percent. We think we're doing a pretty good job of water conservation, but there's always room for improvement and we need the public's help to do that." AISD has set up a phone number you can call to report any water wasting you see on their property. You can call (806) 326-1504 and leave the location and basic info and Shelton says AISD will get back to you quickly.

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