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Criminal Rehabilitation Center Proposed For Randall County

Allen Graves, AWARE Executive Director Allen Graves, AWARE Executive Director
Bobby Snodgrass Bobby Snodgrass

A criminal rehabilitation program and facility, already rejected by the Amarillo City Commissioners is now taking a second chance outside of the city limits.

The AWARE program is joining forces with the Texas Department of Justice, again, in order to offer a service to criminals recently let out of prison.

The AWARE program has been contacted by a land owner who is offering just over 30 acres near the intersection of Claude Road and S. Washington Street.

"We've gone and spoken with neighbors. We've created, in my opinion an attractive addition to the community," said AWARE program Executive Director, Allen Graves.

But the residents in the area we spoke with said they haven't been informed of the plans at all.

"He surely didn't talk to anybody out here that wants this, or said that they approved this," said Chad Ward.

Residents who live along Claude Road have united and started a petition at the J & B Quickie Mart on Washington street, which to date has around 300 signatures.

"If they approve this halfway house it will be directly behind me," said Bobby Snodgrass. "I work real hard for my property and I will take care of it."

The biggest concern coming from all residents is safety, which Graves ensures will be a top priortiy for the facility.

"Residents are always going to be monitored. There is going to be a staff with them either in the facility or when they're outside. They'll be with the staff, they'll never be on their own," Graves says.

The TDCJ and AWARE Program are hosting a public hearing on August 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the AWARE program's offices at 1207 W. 8th Street in Amarillo.

"Representatives from the TDCJ will be there, they will listen to the public and make a decision based off of comments from the public and our presentation," Graves says.

Based off of the reaction during the public meeting, the TDCJ will decide from there if they procede forward with the program and the facility

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