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Credits for Sports Could be Increasing

Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director

It may pay to play... In graduation credits that is.

A new proposal to the Texas Board of Education would increase the maximum number of credits athletes can obtain from two to four.

Currently other programs like dance and theater allow student up to four credits.

Officials say the increase is needed, since the state will soon require 26 credits to graduate instead of 24.

If they don't get the increase... Some fear it could have athletes dropping out... And not just from sports.

Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director, says, "It could cause them to leave our programs which it's proven across the state that athletic programs are the best drop out preventive programs that we have."

Not only does Nolan say it prevents students from dropping out... But he says as the push for healthier conditions in young people increases... Keeping students in athletics makes since.

"With the push on obesity and so forth right now its a perfect timing to get it passed.'

A decision is expected on the proposal by November.

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