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What It Takes: Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 1

Sgt. Strecia McCaig Sgt. Strecia McCaig

Going where camera's have never gone before.. Tonight we are doing just that..

From shooting a taser, pepper spray, or firearm.. To doing CPR on a car crash victim... To rushing into a building when everyone else is rushing out..

It's a mind set you have to create... A mentality of service that has to be taught..

And it's not going to be easy.

The sun is barely up.... But the work has already begun..

Cadets are just starting the academy... But have already jumped several hurdles...

Sgt. Strecia McCaig with APD says, "Once they pass the initial pre-interview, then they take a civil service test."

About 200 people took the test for this academy.. But there's not a spot for all of them.

Sgt McCaig says, "We have an academy only as we have police positions open."

Then comes the physical test... Like these hopefuls are taking for the next class.

"Then they have a background which also includes a polygraph." Sgt. McCaig says.

Followed by another interview - psychological test, and medical exam.

"It's an incredibly in-depth process."

Out of those 200.. Just 26 sit in class today..

They are the future of law enforcement.. And instructors have just 27 weeks to turn them into officers.

"All of the things people tend to see outwardly, but it's a whole lot more in-depth. It's basically getting a law degree in 6 months." Sgt McCaig says.

Not everyone is expected to make it..

And those who drop out, cost - not just in time but in cold hard cash.

Coming up next Monday on "What It Takes" hear what it cost the city and you for each candidate who throws in the towel.

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