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UPDATE: Potter County Jail Being Questioned

Jeff Blackburn Jeff Blackburn
Sheriff Ron Boyter Sheriff Ron Boyter

Michael Dick's death is fueling questions about Potter County's handling of inmates. One local lawyer is requesting a federal investigation into the jail.

Jeff Blackburn is taking steps to begin an FBI investigation, on behalf of Michael Dick's family. He's hoping the FBI can reveal what goes on behind the jail's walls. Blackburn says "something needs to be done. This needs to stop. This jail is out of control."

Sheriff Ron Boyter counters with "We've done everything by the book." Blackburn says Dick was a paranoid schizophrenic and claims he was mistreated in the jail. Blackburn says "As far as our investigation can tell, he was not treated remotely near where any mentally ill inmate should be treated." Sheriff Boyter says jail workers do the best they can to deal with mentally unstable patients like Michael Dick. "We don't have psychologists or sociologists but we do what we can to accomodate. The workers are pretty well trained."

Blackburn is awaiting investigation results, but says he already knows what they will reveal. "Once the results come in you'll find there are some serious wrong doings at the Potter County jail." The Sheriff says "we'll be glad to have them. We've done nothing wrong. If he wants to bring them in, we're more than happy to have them. They are welcome here." State autopsy results could take several weeks, but Blackburn wants results sooner...he's ordered a private autopsy that should be in later this week.

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