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Money Halting Divorces In Amarillo

Brooks Barfield, Local Attorney Brooks Barfield, Local Attorney

More and more are people staying married because of the dwindling economy, which may be good for some couples but not all.

Divorces in the Amarillo area are on the decline, but not for the reason you think such as love, family or strong bonds. Divorces are being postponed because of financial problems.

Local attorney Brooks Barfield says a lot of couples are making their way to his office. When it comes time to follow through with the divorce some couples are not returning. Several local attorneys say money has been a deciding factor on whether to divorce or not. Forcing couples  to shell out thousands of dollars or live unhappy until they can pay for it.

Barfield says it is not an easy choice for either partner. "I think there are people miserable and unhappy and they are going to continue to stay that way because they can't afford legal counseling or marriage counseling," he said.

Texas has seen the number of divorces increase statewide, but in Amarillo the number of divorce cases locally have declined by 3%.

Attorney's say there is limited financial help out there if you find yourself in this situation.   People either pay with cash credit or borrow money to make sure the divorce is filed.



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