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Lighters Are Looking More Like Toys

The fire in Clovis led us to look in to how children can get their hands on lighters.

We went out today and found that lighters are taking on many different sizes and shapes, and to be honest some of them you can't tell are lighters.

We found several different designs all for around five dollars.

Captain Bob Johnson of the Amarillo Fire Department says there are initiatives all over the country to ban lighters like these.

"They're novelty lighters they look like toys, as you can see they can easily be held by a child and you can't tell that they're lighters," said Captain Johnson.

Captain Johnson went on to say it's hard to teach kids matches and lighters are dangerous when they come in toy-like designs.

He say's that's the hardest point to prove when he gives talks at schools.

We talked to State Senator Kel Seliger who says there is no legislation in place to ban toy lighters like these.

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