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Potter County Detention Center Questioned

Michael Dick's death is causing one local lawyer to question Potter County's policy on dealing with inmates, specifically those with a mental illness.

On behalf of Dick's family, Jeff Blackburn is asking for a federal investigation into the Potter County Detention Center. He filed papers with the FBI, asking them to look into whether or not jail workers handled Michael Dick correctly.

Blackburn says Dick was a paranoid schizophrenic who was not given his medication by workers. I spoke with Potter County Sheriff Ron Boyter who says he stands behind the jail's practices and says they did nothing wrong.

In response to whether or not medication is given to inmates who need it... Sheriff Boyter says when an inmate is checked into the jail, their situation is evaluated and if necessary, their medication is delivered.

Sheriff Boyter is not sure when Dick's autopsy results will come in, but Blackburn says he's not waiting... He's ordered his own private autopsy which he anticipates will be back within a few days.

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