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Save 10 Miles Per Gallon!!

  Four percent of the average American family's income is spent on gasoline, according to the Center for American Progress. That is the highest price american families have paid since 1983.

   So it's easy to see why gas saving tips are everywhere you turn. We've compiled a list of several small changes that can help you save up to ten miles per gallon.

  The first step to increasing your fuel mileage...take the junk out of your trunk. Whether it's rollerblades, shoes, exercise equipment, or golf's weighing you down, says Tracey Davis, owner of Tracey's Auto and Diesel in Canyon. "if you have a 50 or 60 pound golf bag in you car's trunk, it's really causing drag on your vehicle. You could save one to two miles per gallon by taking that stuff out of your trunk."

  The next thing you should do... Check your tire pressure... something Davis recommends you do once a week for maximum gas efficiency. "You could save between three and four miles a gallon by checking your tire pressure. If you have low pressure on one tire it could be creating a lot of drag and weighing the car down, making it harder for the car to operate at maximum fuel efficieny."

Here's a check list of some other things you should do that could save you another two miles per gallon... Regular oil changes.... Regular tune-ups, clean air filters... Clean fuel filters... According to Davis, cleaning your air and fuel filters whenever you have your oil changed should do the trick.

   That's only eight miles per gallon worth of savings and we promised ten, so here's the last gas saving tip for now.... When you're buying new tires for your car, ask for low rolling resistance tires. This could add another two miles per gallon of efficiency per gallon of gas.

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