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Get A Car Tune-Up... Save Gas

They only take a couple minutes of your time but could save you hundreds on your gas bill... new ways for you to make your car's gas go further.

We all know driving slower and reducing idling in your car will save you gas, but there are a few things you may have overlooked that could save you big time.

For starters, a regular tune up can work wonders on a car's engine. Getting an oil change has always been important, but it's even more so now, since the quality of gas has changed over the years, according to Tracey Davis, owner of Tracey Auto and Diesel. "They're diluting the fuel these days so just by changing your air filter and getting oil changes you can increase your fuel efficiency drastically." Davis says one of the easiest maintenance things to do is to change your air filters...this could increase your fuel mileage by several miles a gallon.

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