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Childress Rodeo Gives Resident's a Break From Rebuilding

Tonight the Childress County Rodeo is wrapping up, it's the first major community event since the severe weather a month ago.

Every single house was effected by that powerful storm a month ago.

But today, the word normal is being used a lot more.

For 120 years, the Childress Rodeo has given locals a chance to show their true talents.

But last months storm changed the feel of this years rodeo.

"That was a rough time for everybody. I think this was a light there for people to look up and go 'Hey things are back to normal,'" said Childress County Old Settler's Rodeo Association President Joel Hassell.

Normal is something people all over town are getting used to.

Hellen and Richard Proffitt's house had it's roof blown off. It has since been demolished, and just this morning, the Proffitt's new house was delivered.

"It's the start of a new beginning for us. New house, new furniture, same nice neighbors," said Richard Proffitt

The Proffitt's tell us the house they lived in for 42 years has been gone for 34 days.

They hope to be in the new one next weekend.

"I had so much help I don't know where anything is. So it'll be fun going through it and throwing away some old things," said Hellen Proffitt.

Fun was the key this weekend.

The president of First Bank and Trust of Childress, Larry Johnson, says the storm's damage caused between 30 and 50 million dollars of damage.

 Not the normal amount spent during an average summer in Childress.

Some of that money is coming in with the help of the Rodeo, which for the time, has been able to help people cope with the destruction.

"Everybody's like, you know we're having the rodeo again. And everybody's going to survive and get another year you know. I think it was kind of a brign spot when we needed one," Joel Hassell said. 

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