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Pet Waste Hazard

Pet waste can be a danger to the your health, the health of your pet, and area wildlife. Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and other parasites that can be a health risk to humans, pets, and wildlife.

City of Amarillo Water Superintendent Larry West says when pet waste is washed away by rain or a sprinkler, it goes down the storm drain and then becomes a problem.  Area fish have died and wildlife have gotten get sick from animal waste.

West says, "Ammonia's gonna form in the water and ammonia, uses up the oxygen in the water which is gonna kill your beneficial bacteria and life in the water. "

And the water that ends up in area lakes and streams that you and your family swim in may carry the bacteria.

"Well it would be the fecal caliform and bacteria that are in the waste that could potentially wash off into the watershed or run down the streets and go to lakes around town," says West.

A local dog owner says she is not surprised pet waste can endanger the health of other animals and people.

Shari Elliott says,"Well cause it's just like with people you know, you leave it outside everybody gets sick. Same things with dogs, they eat basically the same stuff, it's common sense. "

Here is a quick look at the area lakes where your pets waste could end up.


*45th & Coulter

*Arden Rd. & Coulter

*Martin Rd. Lake

*Thompson Park

*Palo Duro Canyon

*Canadian River

To give you an idea, the Food and Drug Administration estimates the average dog produces 3/4 pounds of waste a day.

Mulitply that by the number of dogs and other animals in your neighborhood and you can see why pet waste is a problem.

Not only is leaving pet waste on city property harmful but it will cost you a $25 to $200 fine.

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