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Texas is Doing All It Can to Help Ranchers and Farmers

The court order to keep cattle off of conservation land has now been pushed back until Tuesday.

And it's having an adverse effect on many farmers here in the panhandle.

Thursday in Seattle, a judge ruled to continue to keep land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program from being grazed or used in hay production.

The Critical Feed Program was put in place to allow farmers and ranchers facing drought and high feed prices, an option to keep herds healthy by letting them graze, or let farmers hay their CRP land.

"Out drought is devastating here and it would be one way we could help the ranchers with a little bit of food for cattle that wouldn't be so expensive," said John Fuston, The Texas FSA Executive Director.

Because of the temporary restraining order on the Critical Feed Program, Ranchers are facing only one other option.

They're being force to sell their herds because the only other program the USDA has in place is to allow cattle onto CRP land for grazing, and in turn, the CRP payment a land owner may receive will be cut by 25 percent.

There are over two million acres of CRP land here in the viewing area, making up more than half of the entire state.

The future of the critical feed use on CRP land won't be known until Tuesday.

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