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Controversy...Bible Course Required in Texas Schools

Gene Shelburne Gene Shelburne

A Bible course elective is required to be offered in Texas schools starting in the fall of 2009.

Many school districts in the Panhandle do not currently offer an academic Bible course to its students but that will soon change.

The Texas State Board of Education and the Attorney General met today and decided in a vote of 10 to 5 in favor of upholding the current standards for teaching bible courses. As well as requiring the courses to be offered in all Texas school districts.

Districts have not given graduation credits to students in the past but an Amarillo High School teacher says he expects that to change.

Teacher Gene Shelburne says, "The new law will probably change that. We're hoping is that the new law will give us back our credit that we had. I took the course 50 years ago at Amarillo high and got credit. We are delighted the rest of the state is joining Amarillo. We've been doing it for a long time before they thought of it."

Shelborne says he wishes more parents were aware of the Bible courses currently offered in the school district.

If credit is given to students in the future he says he hopes next fall he will be filling his Bible classes again.

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