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Tulia Business Growth

After a tornado nearly destroyed the town Tulia, city officials decided to take the opportunity to revamp the area.  A tornado cleared out businesses and homes in Tulia more than a year ago.  Since then Tulia has been rebuilding what they call a bigger and stronger community.

Joe Weaver from the Tulia Chamber of Commerce says the city is getting a good opportunities to rebuild.  "The tornado... It cleared out a few businesses on 87 a few other places... Where a couple new business are" Weaver explained.

Tulia is making a fresh start, trying to appeal to new businesses and families looking to start a new life in this small quaint community.

"We have a way of life that's simple. Cost of living is low... Plenty of schools and medical facilities," City Manager Rick Crownover said.

A lot of opportunities are emerging such as manufacturing, farming and wind. City officials attribute some of the changes to the tornado. "We can do almost anything here. Tulia should be ready for any kind of business and we can support it." Weaver said.

With the support of the community, city officials are optimistic about their growth.

"It all comes down to the people helping people. Yes what can we do. Not! what will you do for us. Tulia is open for business. That's the message. We want to put out there. We're here and ready to do business," Crownover said.

Crownover says one of the appeals about Tulia is the location. They are between Amarillo and Lubbock.

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