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Tulia A Year Later

The Tulia community is still picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the town over a year ago.

The words, devastation, shock, friendship and togetherness.  All words that local residents from Tulia use to describe the tornado that hit Tulia back in April of 2007.  

A lot of many residents remember the day a tornado hit tulia. Irene Cruz remembers the day it hit, "All we heard was the whoosh. Not a freight train. Just a whoosh that was it."

The tornado destroyed rows of homes, trailers and businesses, but the damage has made way for a new life in this area. City Manager Rick Crownover, was in Tulia when the tornado hit and describes the changes that have occurred since then.  "There's been a significant change to our business district. It took a lot of business and properties. So we have been rebuilding", Crownover explains.

There are many concrete pads and disheveled properties that still linger in the area and so do the memories. Most locals say they remember the kindness of people.

"I was standing in a pile of rubble. We've all seen this one young man.  He walked right toward me and said where do you want me," crownover describing the kindness of a man passing through Tulia.

Irene Cruz says she was impressed with how everyone came together to help. "I guess that was what impressed. Seeing how people cared... make sure everyone was ok", she said.

Since last April the community has been functioning, building and prospering.  "We went through it survived and we're better now," Crownover says with a smile. 

The damage caused by the tornado that hit Tulia was well over a million dollars.

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