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Be Safe: Throw Away Gas Cans

Amarillo Fire Department Captain Bob Johnson Amarillo Fire Department Captain Bob Johnson

Collapsable gas cans...they seem like a convenient way to transport gasoline in your car without taking up too much space.

But, they could pose a health threat, according to some fire officials. If you are carrying around a gas can in your car...full or not... Amarillo Fire Department says take it out as soon as possible. Gas fumes can leak out and pose a serious health threat as well as a risk of igniting.

Collapsable cans pose an even bigger threat because once you use and re-collapse them, the fumes stay in your car. Collapsable can or not, there's one important step you can take when filling up the can to avoid injury, according to Amarillo Fire Department Captain Bob Johnson. "Take the container out of the car or pick up when you go to fill it up. Make sure the nozzle is making contact with the container. This reduces the chance of ignition through static electricity."

Texas fire officials haven't followed in the footsteps of New Hampshire and Illinois and pulled these collapsable cans off the shelf, but Johnson says they're not a good idea. The best kind of can to use is a metal one with a spring loaded top.

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