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Low Flow Pumps Bids

Chad Pernell, CRMWA Chad Pernell, CRMWA

With Lake Meredith teetering at nearly record low levels.. Low flow pumps could be needed to continue to pump the lake.

The Canadian River Municiple Water authority plans installing low flow pumps as soon as possible.. but thanks to new inflow in the lake from recent rains..

Officials say they have more time to search for the best deal.. Not only financially... But for the lake.

Chad Pernell with CRMWA say, "At some point that is going to become critical so the more time that we have to get those pumps in and in place, hopefully we don't ever have to use them, but it does give us more time to figure out what we are going to do."12:54

Officials say they are re-opening the field to bids... And say they are confident results will be better.

Pernell says, "We are going to reasses our specifications talk with the bidders, I think we caught some of them at a bad time. See what we can do to make this a better project."

There is still the option to just rent pumps instead of buying.. Something pernell says they still could consider.

Lake officials say they want the public to know what is going on and what options they are looking into.. That's why they have created a new frequently asked questions page on their website for viewers to understand what is happening with the lake.

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