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Borger Industry Changes

The town of Borger is known for being an oil boom town, but community leaders are looking to change that.

Dan Redd with the Borger Economic developers says city officials are looking to change the Borger work force. "While the oil industry is good. Lets look at other things to diversify here in Borger," Redd said.

Borger officials want to bring in aerospace, fiber glass and chemical companies to add to the economy.

Redd says the diversity will open up the job market. "We're very excited to be able to diversify our economy," he said. Borger Mayor Jeff Brain agrees with the change in market. "Of course anytime you bring new business. It'll make it better," Brain said.

A better Borger is what the community wants to see. Locals like Bud Reynolds are jumping on the band wagon of growth as well. "It'll come together. They'll figure it out. They're going to come up with something" Reynolds said. 

Redd Says it opens up Borger to a better economy in the future. "It gives us a long term sustainability and that's important," he said. 

Business developers say they expect to Borger to see those industries start to develop over the next two years.

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