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Borger History

Borger is known for being an oil boom town, but with industries changing some want to make sure all residents remember the past.

Local historian Wes Phillips says Borger started rather small. "Borger started as a cow pasture. Nothing out here... Ranch land", Phillips said.  The land grew and oil made Borger boom.  "There were several big oil strikes In January 1926 to March 1926.

People flocked to the area and set up several shops. The population grew to over 50-thousand residents. Charlene Flanagan described the stores that lined the streets. "That side (downtown area) was a lot of antique stores... Some that didn't make it," she said.

The ones that didn't make fell during the depression. Wess Phillips said, "It (oil boom) continued booming until the depression. It evened out.

Things changed for the better after the depression. "In 1940's the number of different plants opened up here. Including bf goodrich and refinery and smaller companies," Phillips explained. 

Borger prospered but the number of residents never recovered, until now. Economic Developers have big plans for Borger. "Borger has been oil it's whole life. Looking at oil some other projects that don't have anything to do with oil," Dan Redd Executive director of Economic Development explains. 

Even with growth and change Borger historians say the oil legacy will live on. Several famous individuals are from the Borger area, such as Texas State Senator Kel Seliger, A.A. Meredith which lake Meredith is named after. Along, with former miss Texas Arian Archer.

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