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More Blood Needed, Less Donors Coming In

Jim Rutledge, Coffee Memorial Blood Center Jim Rutledge, Coffee Memorial Blood Center

Blood donors are needed to help the Coffee Memorial Blood Center make it through the difficult summer months when more blood is needed

Donors are eligible to give blood every eight weeks... And the center rely's on residents giving.. And giving often..

While first time donors come in every day some are doing more than just their part.

Even though Renee Hartman and her family have never needed a blood transfusion... That hasn't stopped her from donating the past 20 years.

Hartman says, "Just to help people that are in accidents or in need. You never know when me or my family might need it."

The blood center can only take one unit of blood from a donor at a time... But they need hundreds to get by.

Jim Rutledge with the Blood Center says, "At least 125 a day, at least 600 or so a week in order to make sure we have a large enough supply. Some times we don't do that."

A full supply of blood doesn't really mean anything..

One in five people who go to the hospital will need blood... And just one night can change how much blood is left on the centers shelves.

Rutledge says, "Last night something very very bad happened to a patient and fortunetly for us it was a blood type we had a lot of, but this patient used a tremendous amount of blood last night."

60 units in fact..

Something Rutledge says could have been a big problem if it had been a more rare blood type or one they don't have as much off.

While blood can sit on the shelf for 42 days... Rutledge says it's rare for that to happen..

Most of the time it is right in... And right out.. Saving lives.

Lives of residents across the Oklahoma and Texas panhandle..

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