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New Corporation Will Give Downtown a Makeover

Gary Pitner, Downtown Inc. Gary Pitner, Downtown Inc.

A new city committee wants to aid in downtown Amarillo's make over.

Downtown Inc. is a non-profit corporation with nine people on the Board of Directors who are working to complete a downtown revitalization plan put together by the City Commission.

This is the only team in the area focusing solely on bringing attractions downtown. Corporation member Gary Pitner says in order to have a healthy community it needs to have a healthy core and that is what the corporation is trying to create.

He says,"And that's becoming more and more the case with fuel prices being what they are and the desire for people to live closer to where they work, I think we're going to see a resurgence around the country in the focusing on the core portions of our community and that's what we're doing down here. "

The corporation plan includes the addition of a downtown hotel near the City Center, additional housing, entertainment opportunities, businesses, and filling office space.

Pitner says the team is still searching for the development director that he says will ensure Downtown Inc. Is successful.

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